Business Continuity Plan Emergency Contacts Training Guide FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a business disruption?
A: A business disruption is a major event that creates the need for a company-wide reprioritization of active projects, and possibly the need to relocate to alternative office facilities. Examples of a business disruption include major earthquake, fire, significant computer virus, theft, or epidemic.

Q: Which NANA WorleyParsons work locations are covered under this BCP?
A:NANA WorleyParsons offices in Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula are covered under this Business Continuity Plan. For a business disruption that occurs on the North Slope, critical activities will be prioritized by respective clients.

Q: What is an Incident Management Team?
A:NANA WorleyParsons' Incident Management Team, or IMT, is made up of senior managers. In the event of a business disruption, the IMT will set priorities, communicate with clients, and do what is necessary to resume business functions.

Q: Are Senior Managers the only people on the IMT?
A: In the event a senior manager is absent due to illness or travel, his or her regular step-up may be on the IMT. Non-management staff may also be asked to perform specific functions on behalf of the IMT.

Q: After an incident, should I call my supervisor?
A: If a major incident occurs while away from the office, staff are requested to refrain from calling supervisors. The IMT will meet and contact staff.

Q: How can I get information?
A: If telecommunications are operational, staff can access NANA WorleyParsons' website ( or call NANA WorleyParsons' toll free number for recorded information (1-888-785-3822). If telecommunications are not operational, you should tune in to the local emergency broadcast radio station, KFQD 750AM for information on the emergency.

Q: What if I need to get family information to my spouse on the North Slope?
A: NANA WorleyParsons has access to the ConocoPhillips and BP Exploration family message service, which is available 24/7. If it is possible to call outside of Alaska, staff and their families should call 1-(866) 238-4731 for staff assigned to ConocoPhillips projects, or 1-(800)470-0677 for staff assigned to BP projects. Family status and contact information will be provided to response personnel on the North Slope and relayed to NANA WorleyParsons staff.

Q: What do I do if I haven't heard from my supervisor after a major event?
A: When in doubt, wait it out. We do not want our staff attempting to drive to the office if roads are unsafe or the office is not habitable. Your main priorities after a significant incident are your safety, your family and your home. The BCP comes into play only after the immediate danger is over and telecommunications are at least partially operational.

Q: Does this BCP replace our evacuation plan?
A: No. During an emergency that effects a NANA WorleyParsons office, staff should follow the existing evacuation plan. This BCP goes into effect AFTER a business disruption has occurred and telecommunications have been at least partially restored.

Q: After a disruption, should I call my client contact person about negotiating a new due date for my project?
A: No. Senior management will contact clients with the entire roster of active projects and will discuss new due dates for NANA WorleyParsons. Staff should prioritize their active projects to the best of their ability and communicate that priority to management. Staff are not to call clients regarding new due dates.

Q: Who should I contact if I change my address?
A: You may use the Deltek employee self-service program, or you may contact Human Resources to provide changes to your address, phone numbers, and/or emergency contact person(s). It is vital to keep your personal records up to date.