NANA WorleyParsons is committed to providing a safe, secure and healthy work environment for our employees, our clients and our contractors' personnel.
Our goal is zero harm to our employees, contractor personnel and the environment.

2,000,000 Hour Milestone Reached September 2011
NANA WorleyParsons and BP Alaska are proud to announce that NANA WorleyParsons has successfully achieved a significant milestone of 2,000,000 man-hours worked during the last 4 ½ years without a recordable incident on BP Alaska Projects. The key to meeting this 2 million hour milestone is the continued support and dedication to safety from all of our North Slope and Anchorage based staff. This milestone reinforces both, NANA WorleyParsons’ and BP’s commitment to safeguarding all people supporting BP’s operations in Alaska. This commitment to the protection of staff and the environment will always be at the core of how we run our businesses. We offer a special thanks to the employees from both NANA WorleyParsons and BP for their “lead by example” approach in developing a strong caring safety culture; a culture of Zero Harm.

Committed to a Safe and Healthy Work Environment
Through the active commitment by management and staff, we have created an interactive safety culture. Our goal of zero incidents is supported by programs to include injury prevention, active hazard recognition and continuous two-way communication between management and staff. We believe all incidents are preventable and encourage early recognition and intervention so all staff are able to work safe, be safe and go home safe each day. Making Our Organization Safe Everyday, or MOOSE for short, represents our commitment to safety. Each staff member is responsible for their own safety, while management is responsible for setting the example and fostering a safety conscious mind-set amongst all staff.

A Strong Foundation
NANA WorleyParsons' Health and Safety program uses Federal and State Regulations as well as industry standards as it's core foundation. All staff are to be familiar with policies and procedures as they relate to their job function. Each individual is provided training customized to suit their position, job function, work location and client base.  It is the individual's personal responsibility to maintain the level of training applicable to their job responsibilities. Safety is regularly communicated through meetings, safety minutes and company-wide communications. Staff are required to actively participate in safety talks and encourage to share health and safety information with their co-workers. This has helped us establish a safety-minded culture within the organization.

Staff Involvement
Employees are encouraged to help shape the Corporate Safety Program by serving on the Safety Committee. Made up of a representative from each department, the committee meets to discuss near misses, safety practices and behaviours; introduce safety topics for upcoming meetings; and review changing training requirements.