To be Alaska's engineering contractor of choice for customers and staff

Core Values

Honesty and integrity will govern our activities.

Commitments made will be fulfilled.

All individuals will be treated with dignity and respect.

Inupiat Ilitqusiat:

"That which makes us who we are"

Avoid Conflict
Hard Work
Knowledge of Language
Knowledge of Family Tree
Respect for Others
Love our Children
Respect for Elders
Respect for Nature
Family Roles
Domestic Skills
Hunter Success 

Recent News

Community Involvement

April 2015

In March, two NANA WorleyParsons employees participated in the Career Fair held prior to the NANA Regional Corporation Annual Meeting in Noorvik, Alaska. Puyuk Merculief, Shareholder Development Coordinator, and David Siddons, Mechanical Designer, traveled from Anchorage to share information about NANA WorleyParsons and opportunities available for NANA Shareholders. Upon arrival, David and Puyuk assisted with preparing lunches for the 600 people expected to attend, helped set up the gym and were privileged to explore the community. The career fair was a success for NANA WorleyParsons. People were genuinely interested in the scholarship and internship programs for students as well as job opportunities in the Anchorage area and on the North Slope.

January 2015

NANA WorleyParsons has partnered with NANA Development Corporation and the Ambler and Shungnak Schools for the Businesses Working in School Environments (BWISE) Program. For the past five years, an engineer with NANA WorleyParsons has traveled to the Shungnak School to host a day of science projects based on engineering concepts. Students have the opportunity to ask questions about what it means to be an engineer and learn about our company.


Shungnak Middle School students working on egg drop project

This year, students participated in projects such as building structures that would allow an uncooked egg to survive a 15+ foot fall and building boats that could hold the weight of marbles without sinking. The students had one hour to build a contraption using only materials that were provided to them before testing their project. Several of structures allowed for the egg to stay intact and the boats held as many as 90 marbles before sinking. Students were able to identify the importance of planning, implementation, and design in each of these projects.

Shungnak High School students working on water displacement experiment


Scholarship Recipients

In Spring 2015, NANA WorleyParsons awarded scholarships to 6 students studying engineering both in and out of the state of Alaska. Students are all NANA Shareholders/Descendants. The recipients were:


Upcoming Events

Come Visit Us! Next time you are in Anchorage please contact the Shareholder Development Coordinator, Puyuk Merculief, for a tour of our Anchorage Offices.


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Preference will be given to NANA Shareholders, descendants and spouses pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, in accordance with Title 43 U.S. Code 1626(g) and Title 42 U.S. Code 2003-2(i). Additionally, NANA WorleyParsons will provide Equal Employment Opportunity for all employees in compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws and without regard to non-work related factors such as race, color, religion/creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, citizenship or other protected status.